What is Overlap? 

Overlap is an annual small peer-to-peer gathering of about 50 people who are interested in exploring the overlaps between design and other disciplines.  Each year it takes place in a different part of the country and has a different theme. A common thread of Overlap is that it is a co-created experience. There is often a loose agenda, but this is more an excuse for interacting, getting to know each other as humans, and geeking out on topics that others in your life might be bored or confused by. 

Attendees of Overlap have been known to leave the event feeling a deeper sense of self, community, and a dislodging thoughts within their mind they didn't know were there.  

Who Attends?

YOU do. Each year, there's a unique mix of veteran and first-time Overlappers. We invite an eclectic mix of leaders, entrepreneurs, engineers, artists, musicians, design thinkers, user experience and visual designers, architects, journalists, strategists, educators and others with a wide variety of backgrounds, including hospitality, consumer products, financial services, retail, management consulting, healthcare,  public service, you name it. 

Who is Speaking?

YOU are.  As organizers we seed the weekend with activities, some ideas and rough outline of a schedule but the real magic happens in conversation with each other and reflection. 


Who's in Charge?

YOU are. Each year Overlap is hosted by a different team who coordinate and set the tone for the event, but it's up to you to make it the experience you want. 

Where did it come from?

Years ago, a few folks got together and gathered to talk about the overlap between design, business, and social science. Since then, it has grown organically by recruiting those that are exploring the spaces between multiple fields, although there is still a preponderance of design thinkers in the community. If you've ever felt that you are constrained by the box that others try to put you into, Overlap is the place to explore outside the box with a supportive community that will cheer you on as you push the boundaries. 

Overlap 2019 team



Guides for having fun at Overlap

  • Be respectful, know that we embrace all people, all mindsets, spirituality, and preferences (read and follow the code of conduct)

  • Think about how you can elevate others

  • Leave the spaces you join in better shape than when you found them

  • Bring an open heart, open mind and open arms (this includes connecting with new folks!)

  • Speak up and share your needs

  • Know yourself and act accordingly

  • Let go of expectations and allow emergence to happen