Overlap 2017: Generations

"Envisioning and making the future must be a massively public endeavor." - Marina Gorbis, futurist

We want to talk about the future. We want to talk about the future as it relates to the past. We want to talk about the future as it relates to the present. We want to hear your stories, your traditions, your intuitions, and your predictions. 

When: May 26-29 (It's Memorial Day Weekend so you already have a day off!) 

Where:  Sequoia Retreat Center. Near Silicon Valley, CA

Cost: $760 (covers room and board) 

Day 1 / Gather: Meet and mingle a little before dinner time. 

Day 2 & 3 / Learn, Play, Build: We'll do fun things. 

Day 4: Return: Hang out for breakfast and carpool back to wherever you came from. If you live nearby, we can hangout for longer. 

Would you like to join Overlap 2017?

We want Overlap to be as inclusive as possible with newcomers, returners, old people,  young people, parents, children, seasoned professionals, recent graduates, conservatives, liberals… if you want to be here, then you belong here. To accommodate this we will be offering the following: 

  •  Scholarships/ Sliding Scale
  • On-site Day Care (we're still figuring out how we'll do this, so be patient/ help us figure it out.) 

Building on the "Generations" theme, when it's time to invite newbies, we encourage you to invite those from a different generation such as a child or parent you think would enjoy participating as an attendee. (They'll still need to apply and register. But babies don't need to register since they don't talk.)