"The very cave you are afraid to enter turns out to be the source of what you are looking for." 

— Joseph Campbell

We live in a time of transformation. What are we transforming into?

What is the nature of the transformation we are experiencing? Individually and collectively?
How can we support each other during this time?

Event details


  • Day 1 — Gather at Touchstone

  • Day 2 & 3 — Learn, Play, Create.

  • Day 4 — Return: Hang out for breakfast, and travel together back to the day-to-day

What is Overlap?

Overlap is an annual small peer-to-peer gathering of about 50 people who are interested in exploring the overlaps between design and other disciplines.  Each year it takes place in a different part of the country and has a different theme. A common thread of Overlap is that it is a co-created experience. There is often a loose agenda, but this is more an excuse for interacting, getting to know each other as humans, and geeking out on topics that others in your life might be bored or confused by. 

Attendees of Overlap have been known to leave the event feeling a deeper sense of self, community, and a dislodging thoughts within their mind they didn't know were there.  

We want Overlap to be as inclusive as possible. We welcome those who’ve never been to Overlap as well as those who have participated in the adventure before. In the spirit of the event, we are actively encouraging those with a range of backgrounds and experiences to attend.

If you want to be here, and are eager to understand new perspectives, then you belong here. Read about the background here.

If you need additional support to attend this event, please reach out to the organizers so we can work together to find a way to make this your community as well.