"The very cave you are afraid to enter turns out to be the source of what you are looking for." 

— Joseph Campbell

We live in a time of transformation.

What is transforming and why?

What are we transforming into?

What are our individual and collective roles in these transformations?
How can we support each other during this time?

Come explore these questions and more with a community of creators, dreamers, designers, storytellers, and others in a beautiful, rustic setting surrounded by lush green space in the heart of Pennsylvania.

Taking place during the summer solstice, a natural time of transformation, we’ll share, learn, make and grow together. It’s hard to describe exactly what to expect at Overlap 2019, because we’re going to co-create it together, but one thing is certain: it will be transformative.

Event details


  • Day 1 — Gather at Touchstone around 6pm to eat and get to know each other. Opening at 8pm.

  • Day 2 — Day starts at 8am. Exploring transformation through crafts - blacksmithing, lampworking, and pizza!

  • Day 3 - Day starts at 8am. Exploring transformation through conversation, collaboration, and spiritual journeying (shamanic journeying and an evening drum circle).

  • Day 4 — Hang out for breakfast at 8am, and travel together back to the day-to-day.

What is Overlap?

Overlap is an annual intimate peer-to-peer gathering of people who are interested in exploring the overlaps between design and other disciplines. Organized by members of the Overlap community, each year this convening of approximately 50 participants has a different theme and, to date, has taken place in a different part of the Americas.

Each Overlap is unique due to the co-created nature of the event. There is usually a loose agenda, used as a catalyst for interacting, getting to know each other as humans, and geeking out on topics that you may rarely have the opportunity to discuss.

Overlap participants have been known to leave the event feeling a deeper connection to and sense of self, community, and world. Other possible side effects of joining an Overlap event include:

  • dislodging thoughts within your mind you didn't know were there

  • friendship with a growing band of lifelong collaborators and co-conspirators

  • life-changing learnings and opportunities

  • exposure to novel ideas and insights

We want Overlap to be as inclusive as possible. We welcome those who’ve never been to Overlap as well as those who have participated in the adventure before. In this spirit, we are actively encouraging those with a range of backgrounds and experiences to attend.

If you want to be at Overlap, then you belong at Overlap.

You can read about the background here.


If you wish to learn more about the other activities happening at Touchstone Center for Crafts, go to https://touchstonecrafts.org/

During our stay, Meghan Burke will be holding a one-day workshop - Pinching and Coiling: Handbuilding with Clay in the Ceramics Studio.- on Saturday June 22nd.

Learn more and register by clicking here.