See and download all the pictures from Overlap 2016, as captured by Paul Sheetz and sketchnotes from Jess Fan.

Overlap 2016, the 16th Overlap, and the 10th anniversary of its existence. The event itself remains as much of a mystery as an invitation. The more one tries to define it the less likely we will, and if anything, that is its magic.

Seeing Yourself in Others
This year we sought to create a strong sense of self, in the context of others. How we show up with others, who we can trust, lets us see ourselves more clearly. Being present lets us become ready to serve, rather than being held back by the internal storms and clouds.

During our time together Hans Krueger shared some of his wisdom, gained through his studies of Buddhism, about the circle of emotions that we are constantly spiraling through. Pictured, in part, here, the emotions balance each other, build, and balance each other out. Compassion being one of the richest, to put others needs at the same level of importance as your own.  Equanimity, however, stood out for its gentle nature. Its steadfastness, and its quiet service.

Requests made and answered are the key to community, and to serving each other. To start the time together we shared what we needed help with and what we could help others with. It was a powerful way to show up and connect. By the end of our time together we were making commitments to one another. Some small and sweet. Some ongoing. Whether those commitments are all followed through on, the practice of committing freely becomes easier, clearer, more important. As they say in improve, declare your intention, and jump in.

Aside from the lessons that come from the richness of the experience, there were lessons from the organizing of the event to share. We attempted to make the invitation process clearer and more transparent but probably didn’t yet find the right model. 

Using past organizer’s work, and our own, our team created a playbook for the Overlap to share with the incoming organizers which will help.

Sketch note from Jess Fan

Sketch note from Jess Fan

We also established this site, to serve as a home for the Overlap, a site which each new organizer is free to change, and has the tantalizing future of a url that looks like, or, etc.

Passing the Torch
We are pleased to share that Eric Nehrlich and Sami Nerenberg will be next year’s organizers. They are incredible spirits, full of energy, and purpose. Overlap 2017 will be magic.

Thanks to all the incredible people who showed up. It was an honor to be in service to your journey, and you to ours.

Download the 2016 Overlap program guide.